Diversified is enabling a digital future—connecting people, technology and experiences, where and when it matters most. When done right, digital communication empowers human connection, and our solutions are experienced by millions every day. With 2,000+ employees in 50+ locations worldwide, we’re a global organization serving local needs.

Adapt, Evolve & Thrive with Us

We believe in harnessing human imagination to drive digital innovation. We know that technology can bring us closer together and help us overcome obstacles. Together, we are…Imagination Engineered.


Simplifying meeting communication and collaboration through technology design, build and management best practices.

Connecting brands with their audience while improving operational efficiency and reducing resource costs.

Protecting people, property and assets through efficient access control, video surveillance, detection and analytics.

Thought leadership to assist clients in leveraging advanced practices and emerging technologies to strengthen their business.

Serving federal agencies through expert design, build and management of efficient, reliable and secure technology solutions.

Delivering IT solutions that serve as your technology backbone for daily operations and facilitate digital transformation.

Utilizing our deep understanding of technology application to drive success for our clients.

Delivering true vendor-neutral integrated OR solutions, ease-of-use and unparalleled flexibility.

Creating scalable command and control spaces through technology design, build and management best practices.


Empowering Connection Through a Global Ecosystem of Innovative Technology Services

Clients depend on our unique teams of subject matter experts to design, build and manage powerful technology solutions.

HBR - Visual Communications

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services | Pulse Survey

Harnessing Visual Communications to Build Trust and Connections

Diversified embarked upon a research journey with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services months before COVID-19 hit—seeking to gain insights on how businesses communicate.

After enduring rapid change this past year, we feel this research is even more critical today for business leaders everywhere. We encourage you to read the report for invaluable insights on how you can take the next step and make a true difference in how the world views your business.


STAR Strategic Partner

STAR Trusted Partner

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